Office Cleaning | 3 Considerations When Hiring Professional Window Washers For Your Office

Posted on: 30 June 2016

When you run an office, you'll want to do everything in your power to maintain a productive working environment. Window washing as part of office cleaning should ideally be part of your effort to foster productivity among your employees because everyone wants a spotless environment to work in. This guide equips you with smart considerations when hiring professional window washers for your office cleaning needs.

Check That The Office Cleaning Company Has Adequate Safety And Cleaning Tools For Window Washing

Many professional office cleaning companies have liability insurance, but you don't want something untoward affecting your business. Check that the window washers have adequate safety harnesses and tools for effectively cleaning your windows with minimal risk. This is especially important when your office is located on a higher floor. Even though you may not know much about window washing, it's important to discuss the activity in greater detail because a coordinated approach may be vital to ensure safety and reduce risks. For instance, if there is a way for the window washers to clean the office from a particular access point inside, then this might prove to be a safer cleaning solution than from the outside.

Check Whether The Window Washers Provide Window-Related Cleaning Jobs

Window washing may include more than just glass cleaning in your office, so keep this factor in mind before hiring office cleaning companies. For instance, if you have curtains or blinds installed as window treatments, then you can expect dirt and grime to accumulate on them over time. Cleaning just glass panes would be futile if you leave filthy curtains or blinds on them, so you should check whether the office cleaning company provides services that will also take care of these other window treatments. Similarly, if your office has window screens, then they will need more comprehensive cleaning to ensure a spotless finish. 

Check Whether The Window Washers Offer Additional Cleaning Services

Some window washers may also provide other office cleaning services like dusting ceiling fans and chandeliers or washing entryways and floors, so be sure to check with them about these added services. You may have to pay extra for these services, but you could certainly negotiate for a better deal when you hire them for a variety of different cleaning tasks, apart from window washing. Depending on your specific needs, you may need services like dusting, vacuuming and cleaning other parts of your office.

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