Three Types of Tools and Equipment Used to Help You Move

Posted on: 5 February 2016

When you move, there are certain items that require more than just physical labour. Items like oversized appliances and furniture need help from special tools and equipment. Here are some tools and equipment to have on hand if you are moving items on your own.


The main type of moving equipment that helps with furniture, multiple boxes, and appliances is a dolly. There are multiple types of dollies to choose from, which vary based on the types of items you have and whether or not you are going up and down stairs. Dollies allow you to load the item onto the equipment, then push it to the moving truck. It makes it a lot easier and helps save you and your friends from a back injury. They have wheels, making it easy to move them down the driveway, down hallways, and up the ramp into the moving truck. There are flat dollies that are good if you're moving large items, but not going up or down stairs. There are also some that can go up the stairs, including three-wheeled and four-wheeled dollies, also called hand trucks.

Stair Trolley

Another type of hand truck that works great for stairs is called a stair trolley. This is a step above the regular hand truck that can be used on stairs, but isn't actually meant for it. The stair trolley is specifically built to help you bring appliances and boxes up and down multiple flights of stairs. There is a climbing design that lets you go up and down the stairs easily, without having to force it up each individual stair. They usually have three wheels and support items as large as a refrigerator.

Appliance Truck

You may also want to use an appliance truck, which like the stair trolley, is a specialised version of a hand truck. This is meant for appliances of different sizes, with a tubular frame to make it easier to support the larger appliances. It is heavy-duty, so it can handle even the heaviest items, such as washers and dryers. There is an extra-tall frame that you won't get with other types of dollies. It should also have belt stair crawlers, sturdy wheels, and an extra-wide frame as well.

If you have a lot of large items to move and lack the proper equipment, consider hiring a professional removalist service. They will have the best equipment that gets the job done quickly and easily.


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