What Every Property Manager Should Look for in Management Applications

Posted on: 20 July 2015

If you are property manager you may already know the importance of being organized and keeping updated on issues with the property. This can get challenging if you have more than one property to manage. In these cases, you may find yourself looking at a phone or tablet application that will help. Before you grab the first available free option, consider the following points you should look for in a management application.

Tenant Record Management

The key thing you need to look for in a property management application is the ability to store tenant record information in the cloud and access it through the tool. You also want to be able to edit and update that information as needed. This is important if you have a tenant who isn't paying or have a tenant that you need to fine due to issues like fire or water damage.

Property Availability Management

If you operate several properties, you may have an assistant manager that updates your rental information and contracts as they come through. If you are on the go or at another property while another property is leased, the assistant can update that in the application and give you real time stats. This is ideal if you have someone asking about a property and need to know if it is available or the current status on that property. Rather than having to wait, you can give the answer in real time.

Scheduling Notifications

Another point you should look for when you begin searching for the right management application is a scheduling notification option. This will allow you to receive notifications of appointments that deal directly with all of your managed properties.

You can schedule the notifications to send you a message to your phone regarding construction appointments, cleaning, tenants moving out, tenants moving in, and anything else that deals directly with the property and managing the tenants of those properties.

These are just the main three points you should look for with a property management application. Other considerations should be for a desktop or laptop based software that can sync to your phone, a software that allows multiple users, cloud storage, and real time updates of all information.

If you are a ready to make a move on getting the right management application, start with evaluating what you need the application to manage and begin looking from there. Then, start researching companies like Calibre Real Estate to learn more about property management.


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