Five Essential Items You Need When Moving into a Furnished Apartment With Kids

Posted on: 5 June 2015

Moving into a furnished apartment, like those you can find through Adelaide Dresscircle Apartments, means you don't have to worry about buying or transporting furniture, but all of the beautiful furniture in your flat can be a liability if you have super active, accident-prone children. Luckily, you can protect the furniture in a furnished flat fairly easily. You just have to be willing to invest a little money into a few protective items.

Here are the items you should consider buying before you move into a furnished flat with kids:

1. Plastic sheets

If the furnished apartment comes with beds and you still have a toddler who is prone to nighttime accidents, you need plastic sheets to cover their mattress. If you don't want to invest in waterproof sheets, you can lie an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth under the fitted sheet, and if your child wets the bed, that will keep the moisture away from the mattress.

2. Couch Covers

Just as your child may have accidents in bed, he or she may spill food or drinks on the couch. Even if you ban eating on the couch, your child may eventually propel themselves into your arms while you are drinking a glass of red wine, spilling that all over the flat's sofa.

To prevent this, invest in couch covers. Cotton, canvas or denim are the best fabrics for high traffic areas, but ideally, for full protection, you should look for a cover with a waterproof layer as well.

3. Glass Tabletop

If you are afraid of your child denting the dining room table with their fork or spilling their juice and staining unfinished wood, consider investing in a glass tabletop. Just a simple sheet of glass that covers the table will work fine.

4. Washable Art Supplies

Protecting furniture isn't just about covering it. You also need to control your children's access to potentially destructive items.

If you have permanent markers lying around the home, your child could easily grab one and innocently draw a picture while sitting on the couch. Unfortunately, these markers can easily bleed through the paper and create a copy of the picture on the sofa.

Prevent accidents like these by only stocking your apartment with washable art supplies. If you have pens or permanent markers for your own use, keep them out of the way.

5. Camera

A camera won't protect your furniture, but it can help to ensure you don't' get charged for damages that aren't your fault. Take pictures of all of the furniture before you move in so that you have a clear record of their condition.


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