3 Nifty Ideas to Make Rentals Cheap Without Having a Flat Mate

Posted on: 3 June 2015

With the average weekly rent for a one-bedroom in Australia hovering around the $350 to $450 mark, it's no secret that real estate doesn't come cheap. Finding cheap rentals in any of the major cities isn't an easy task and some would even say it's impossible. That's why many young professionals and students live with flat mates to reduce the burden of high rents and utilities.

Sharing a home can be fun, but there are times when you would rather live alone. To balance rent and independence, here are a few clever ideas to make your real estate rental cheap without a flat mate, so you don't drain your bank account.

Rent a Studio

Studio apartments come equipped with the same features of a one-bedroom—but not at the same cost. Priced at an average between $250 and $350, studios are cheaper and suit single occupants. Studio apartments are also usually located centrally, which means that you'll get to live in a trendy locale without bearing the burden of hefty rents. The smaller area also means that you'll likely use less electricity which translates into cheaper utility bills.

Take Out a Longer Lease

If you have found the perfect apartment and you have decided that you want to live there for a while, offer a longer lease for a reduced rate when you send in your application. Most landlords are likely to jump at the chance of signing a two-year lease rather than the standard one-year contracts, because no one wants to go through the time and commitment of finding new tenants often.

With the chance of sealing the deal for a longer term, you may even be able to get your landlord to reduce the rent slightly to secure this time-honored deal. With the real estate rental reduction, you won't find the need for a flat mate.  

Move to the Suburbs

When you move a little away from the city, you can expect to find cheaper rental apartments. It may hamper your lifestyle a little, but consider the fact that the money you save in rent can go towards bigger and better things in your future. Consider your lifestyle and choose a suburb that can match all aspects of your life. Don't rule out the suburbs; you'll be surprised at how many new relationships you will forge just by living in a place you've never considered before.

Finding cheap real estate rentals may not be that easy, but if you follow these nifty ideas, you're far more likely to find something that meets your budgetary expectations without the need to share the space. For more tips, contact resources like McGrath Real Estate Group.


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